Smart Kitchen Remodeling Strategies

Kitchen Remodeling Strategies

kitchen remodeling strategies used by Hatchett contractors

One of the main reasons the kitchen is the first room homeowners consider remodeling is because it’s the most utilized room in the home! This is where family and friends gather and great meals are planned. So naturally when homeowners consider home remodeling, the kitchen is a top priority! We want to share with you some great kitchen strategies that we hope you will find helpful if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen High Traffic Areas

Focusing on where you spend the majority of your time in your kitchen is perhaps the most crucial of all the kitchen remodeling strategies. You more than likely already know the areas in your kitchen that get the most traffic. Think about if you have children running into the kitchen to get a quick bite to eat or drink. You will want to consider your cooking and food preparation areas. Think about your space and how to make it user-friendly for yourself and other family members. Walkway space throughout your kitchen should be approximately 3-4 feet wide for easy maneuvering through the kitchen area. These are some things you will want to think about before you start to plan your new kitchen.

Other Kitchen Areas to Consider

Think about how you use your kitchen. How many drawers or do you need or what about pull-out shelves in the base cabinets? What about counter top height? Instead of the normal stove/oven combo, what about a wall oven instead? If you do a lot of cooking, consider a dual oven! These are all features that make a kitchen enjoyable to everyone — and a pleasure to work in.

The Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is a pre-designed setup that offers suggestions on how you should position your sink, refrigerator, and stove in relation to each other. It offers set distances between these three crucial kitchen elements that allow for heightened productivity and ample space to maneuver. There are multiple variations that allow the kitchen triangle idea to be implemented in kitchens ranging in various sizes, so you don’t have to worry if you’re working with a smaller space. This basic layout for the kitchen is usually the first step in planning a kitchen remodel. Since placement of the fridge, stove, and sink is an important aspect, let’s talk about your appliances next.

New Kitchen Appliances for your Kitchen

You may have already been shopping for new kitchen appliances. You have your eye on that perfect fridge and cook top set. Keeping your kitchen’s dimensions and the dimensions of those appliances you are considering will help you avoid dimension mismatches that might mean you have to go with another set. Taking these steps in advance will save you some time and aggravation.

Kitchen Lighting

Another common thing that can be fixed during a remodel is the issue of lighting. Maybe your current kitchen doesn’t have enough. Now it the perfect time to fix it. Consider something like kitchen accent lighting. Maybe you may want to consider recessed lighting. If you are creating a kitchen island space, you may want to consider lighting over this area. There are lot’s of lighting fixtures to choose from, so consider your personal style and kitchen use. Lighting can really bring a kitchen space to the next level.

Plan for the Unexpected

You have planned your kitchen remodel down to the finest of details, but please expect the unexpected. There are always things that could or may happen that no one could predict. Give yourself some extra time for completing your kitchen remodel. You’ve planned it will take a month or two? Plan for a little more time, just in case things don’t fall into place as they should. When your project is completed on time or does take that extra time, you won’t be stressed with the time frame.

One of the most important kitchen remodeling strategies to keep in mind is to effectively communicate your plans with the contractor. Your kitchen remodeling contractor will create a kitchen design with your vision for your new kitchen. If you have any questions or concerns, talk with your contractor!



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