Whole Home Remodeling

Just because your home no longer fits your needs doesn’t mean it’s time to call a realtor. Maybe you’ve purchased or inherited a house that isn’t quite your style. It may also need upgrades to bring it up to date for safety or convenience. Even if your home is modern but doesn’t suit your changing lifestyle in terms of functionality or space, a whole home remodeling may still be the answer. You don’t have to leave your neighborhood or memories behind just because you need a change. Hatchett Contractors extensive experience in home remodeling can make this a smooth and exciting time, bringing your home the fresh new life it needs.

Whole Home vs. By Room Remodeling

The most important benefit of opting for a whole home remodel as opposed to room by room is efficiency, saving not only time but money. By remodeling in an assembly line fashion, demolition and reconstruction can all happen in a cohesive flow eliminating the stress factor of constant projects starting and stopping. Electrical and plumbing systems are also exposed throughout the home to allow for a “one-stop shop” of upgrades.

When a whole home remodel is performed, this allows for an easy and full customization on your new design. It’s the perfect opportunity to design all your rooms to match. Let us help you with custom flooring, molding, lighting, finishing and more all at once!

Whole Home Remodeling Services

All of the services performed by Hatchett Contractors begin with a free initial consultation followed by a comprehensive design. Below are just a handful of services and options we can assist you with during the remodeling process, but we can do it all!

  • Removing/Moving Walls to Open Up Spaces
  • Upgrade or Refinish Flooring
  • Foundation/Wall Repair
  • Decorative Remodeling (Paint, Trim, Hardware)
  • Window Replacement/Repair
  • Exterior Siding/Painting
  • Improve Energy Efficiency

See our Whole Home Projects Gallery for more examples.

Our Service Area

We specialize in multi-room home remodeling services from kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, libraries, pantries, utility rooms, bedrooms, closets, family rooms and more.

As one of the regions premiere home remodelers, Hatchett Contractors offers whole home modeling and renovation services to the following Hampton Roads, Virginia cities & counties:

  • Hampton
  • Newport News
  • Yorktown – York County
  • Williamsburg
  • James City County
  • Poquoson
  • Gloucester County
  • Suffolk
  • Smithfield
  • Norfolk
  • Chesapeake
  • Virginia Beach
  • Portsmouth