Project Details

From December 2013 to February 2014, our family suffered two devastating and unexpected losses of my sister at 58 years old and my father at 86 years old. During the subsequent following few months, our family had to piece together our lives and make some very important decisions regarding the home my father and mother shared, which was going to be too much and too big for my mother to care for.

Most people I know have this same concern about what to do to help care for a widowed parent. My husband and I made the decision to sell our home and buy my parent’s home.

Since my mother’s wish was to remain independent, she really became interested in the plan to build her an addition to the existing home. This plan sounds all so easy, but believe me, it was not.

We did not know where to start, but thought that selling our home was a good place. With the help of a dear friend, who is also a realtor, we began the daunting task of getting our home ready to sell and putting it on the market. Simultaneously, we needed help with a plan for the addition. We called an architect that was referred to us by a friend and with the plans that were produced, we found the design, while beautiful – were just not what we were expecting.

I looked on the internet and found Ron Hatchett Contractors. I remember calling Ron the first time and somehow told him our family story and what we were looking for. Ron scheduled an appointment to come out to my mother’s home at a time convenient for us. The first time we met Ron, he had a great vision that made total sense to what our needs were. It was amazing to see him think through the process, of course we had no idea what that process was, but we immediately trusted Ron.

Throughout the process of designing the plan for my mother’s apartment addition, Ron understood the importance of why we had to make this project more than “just an in-law suite” but we had to make this a home for my mother who had never, ever lived alone without my father for almost 60 years.

Ron was always here. He introduced us to his son, Adam. Adam was always here. Ron and Adam became a part of our family because I knew how much they cared about making this “job” a home for my mother.

When it comes down to it, a budget is a budget and Ron is very cautious to make sure we understood the difference in costs if we ever wanted to make any changes. He was very open to changes and we ended up making a few upgrades and changes to our existing contract, but Ron never made us feel as though we had no voice or choice.

I loved the day that my mother and I met Ron to pick out the cabinets, the flooring, the tile and all the accessories. We came into the process with some vague ideas of what we wanted, but Ron pulled it all together. His design choices were phenomenal. I will admit, I questioned a few things, but ultimately he was right and the design and consistency of the colors, the textures and the costs were by far better than anything we could have chosen by ourselves.

Adam is an amazing worker, his work ethic standard is high and he has a wonderful talent and ability to build anything. His father has taught him well. Because they both have a strong desire to want to please their clients while remaining professional, kind, caring and dedicated. Even during the worst snow storms of any winter I can ever remember, Adam and Ron never didn’t show up.

The process from our selling our home, meeting with Ron and ultimately finishing the new home that my mother is absolutely in love with, was approximately one year. The last time I saw Ron backing out of my driveway, I felt sad that he was not going to be around anymore but wait, there is always more remodeling to do! Ron, we will absolutely see you again !


Becky and Jeff Moulden