Project Details

This past summer Ron Hatchett and his son, Adam, transformed our screened-in porch into a luxurious all year round sunroom. They completely tore down the porch and started from scratch, from the foundation to the walls to the roof. They also added a wooden deck leading out from the sunroom.

Most of the work was done by Ron and Adam, both of who are perfectionists. They arrived early each day and worked steadily for eight hours or more every day. They cleaned up each day before they left. They started and they ended the job on time. Some things were subcontracted out, such as the roof, the drywall, electrical, and the pouring of the cement for the foundation. All of the people used for these jobs were excellent. All the materials used were of the highest quality (windows, doors, flooring, etc). They were delivered on time a according to when they were needed. Ron made sure all city inspections we scheduled appropriately, so that the next phase of construction was not delayed. the inspectors were impressed with the level of construction saying everything met and/or exceeded building codes.

After the sunroom was complete, the Hatchetts built a wooden deck off the sunroom. The construction of the deck was done with extreme attention to detail. It is a perfect accompaniment to the sunroom.

After the deck was complete, we decided to remodel the den that led out to the sunroom. Ron and Adam sanded the dark wood paneling and painted it off-white. It required many hours to sand, prime, and paint. It was quite a tedious job. They made sure to protect the furniture and close off the other rooms leading to the den to keep the mess to a minimum. The result is a totally transformed, beautiful den.

In addition, Ron also re-grouted a bathroom shower and installed a new shower door. Again, this was a messy project that was kept as clean as possible.

Ron and Adam were always courteous, and anxious to please us at every step of the building process. They exhibited professionalism at all times. We would highly recommend the Hatchetts for any remodeling project.

J. and E. Levin