Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Hatchett Contractors has decades of experience in kitchen remodeling.  The kitchen is the heart of the home in so many ways.  Our kitchen remodeling always starts with a detailed consultation with our clients reviewing the current kitchen layout.  Creating the kitchen of your dreams, we work closely with you so our kitchen remodelers will design and install a functional and efficient kitchen according to your budget, style, and time frame.  Whether the architecture of you’re home was built as contemporary, modern and sleek or it’s more traditional, cozy and inviting, we work diligently to provide our clientele a well designed kitchen with the style and flair that will suit your families needs for years!

Bathroom Remodeling

At Hatchett Contractors, we understand your desire for style and value when considering your new bathroom remodeling project.  Bathroom remodeling may be upgrading the family bathroom from an outdated 1960’s-1970’s style to a sophisticated modern and sleek style to bring added value to your home.  We work with our clients to provide quality updates to create a bathroom design to suit your your style and needs.  We offer attractive ceramic tile, Jacuzzi-styled tubs and custom built shower enclosures with paying attention to the finest details.  Contact us today and let us remodel your bathroom to create the comfort and styling you deserve.


Whole Home Remodeling

Just because your home no longer fits your needs doesn’t mean its time to call a realtor! Maybe you’ve purchased or inherited a house that isn’t quite your style. Your home may need the necessary upgrades to bring it up to date for safety or convenience. Even if you’re home is modern but doesn’t suit your changing lifestyle in terms of functionality or space, a whole home remodeling may  be the answer. You don’t have to leave your neighborhood or memories behind just because you need a change. Hatchett Contractors extensive home remodeling experience can make this a smooth and exciting time, bringing your home the fresh new life it needs.

Custom Sunrooms & Porch Rooms

Enjoy the soothing effects of sunlight with a custom-built sunroom! Traditional and contemporary sunrooms add light with an abundance of window glass, interior elegance and a spacious look that will blend perfectly with any style home. We custom build our client’s sunrooms from scratch. They are not prefabricated and are designed to integrate with your home’s current style and material. No one will ever know your sunroom was built as an addition.

As always, Hatchett Contractor’s crews will perform your project courteously, efficiently, and on-time paying attention to details such as post-construction cleanup for a worry-free experience that will have you recommending our services to others.

Home Interior Renovation Ideas

Most home remodeling projects tend to center around updating the kitchen or bathroom, especially for older homes where dated tile, cabinets, and tubs are showing the wear and tear of decades of use. However, there are numerous other reasons that you would want to renovate the interior of your home.

Since the downturn in the real estate market beginning in 2008, the prospect of selling a home today has become a challenge as there are so many homes on the market to choose from. If the rooms of your home are still displaying wood paneling or other dated style and materials from the 60’s and 70’s, chances are many other newer or upgraded homes on the market will sell before yours.

Home Exterior Renovation Ideas

Home remodeling projects add value to your property, as well as beautifies it for your enjoyment. However, there are numerous other reasons that you would want to renovate the exterior of your home.

Since the downturn in the real estate market beginning in 2008, the prospect of selling a home has become a challenge as there are so many on the market to choose from. If the outside of your home is still displaying signs of wear and tear, chances are many other newer or upgraded homes on the market will sell before yours.

Home value considerations play an important role in taking on an interior renovation project. You want to know that when it comes time to sell your home, you remodeling investment is going to help. You want to make sure the job is done right – the first time. Call Hatchett Contractors for experienced and dedicated home remodeling.

Custom Decks & Patios

Put our experience and creativity to work for your home’s new outdoor deck, porch or patio. Building materials and accessory options are virtually limitless. We can design and build an attractive and functional outdoor oasis that your family will enjoy for years to come!

A variety of choices include wood, durable PVC, or interlocking paver and stone foundations; decorative iron, wood, PVC and glass railing options; single or multi-level build-outs; custom-built pergolas, bench seating; accent or functional lighting; firepits, torches and outdoor fireplaces. Call us for a free consultation!

In-Law Suites

If you’re one of the many families these days needing more room to accommodate your parents or in-laws, an addition or remodel from Hatchett Contractors might be the answer you’re looking for! Not only is this a popular choice above assisted living establishments or  nursing homes, renovations such as this can greatly increase the equity and value of your home.

Whatever your personal reason may be, Hatchett Contractors has performed many in-law suite projects in the Hampton Roads area. We understand that without an experienced contractor on your side, the process can be daunting, especially when family changes are involved. We can provide detail consultations on the best options for placement, such as basement remodeling, first floor additions, or an over the garage apartment design that will work with your needs and lifestyle. We will also help you plan an addition that will grow and change with you, from helping with multi-generational living to a future luxury master suite!