C. Smith - Whole Home Remodel Project

Hatchett Contractors, Inc. (HCI) accomplished a whole house remodel project April through July 2018. The project also included a new custom deck according to my plans. The remodel included a complete interior demolition, new doors throughout, custom kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances, upgrades to plumbing/electrical, installation of lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and installed wood and tile flooring throughout. painting and trim work throughout the house was also part of the project. The bathrooms were also upgraded with custom cabinets, counter tops, custom tile shower and plumbing fixtures.

The list contains only the major items. There was so much more to this remodel.

When Mr. Hatchett and I first met, I stated I did not want a palace. Ron completely understood my requirements. A Buick in lieu of a Mercedes-Benz. When the work was completed, in my opinion, the remodel ended up being a Mercedes-Benz within budget and at my direction.

Before we agreed upon cost and contracted, Ron arranged for a kitchen/bathroom designer and an architect to swing by the house to review my requirements, take measurements and provide design drawings for my approval. All this work without a contract or verbal agreement to use his services. I could walk away at any time prior to receiving an estimated cost and signing of a contract.

I also asked Ron to provide me the cost to paint the exterior trim and window repair /painting. After reviewing the condition of the exterior trim/window work, Ron had a better idea. Install new custom design windows and install aluminum siding over the trim. Custom windows were required because my original windows were not standard and required quite a bit of work.

Ron has the eye for fine finishing and detail work. He goes the extra mile. When the day’s work is completed by his crew or sub-contractors and is not to his satisfaction, he has done it over – i.e. – glass shower door had a small gap at the bottom. NOT ACCEPTABLE – REPLACE! The 2nd replacement door was also not an acceptable replacement. The third try was the charm.

This was only one example. He does a white glove inspection every day and nitpicks. His work crew appreciates the nitpicking – I saw it made them better workers. Sub-contractors are also nitpicked. When Ron calls and reports defects, they know him and don’t argue. The Hatchett work crew (Adam, David, Randy) are all excellent workers and pay attention to details. They even criticize their own work. His crews arrived on time every day ready to work. Sub-contractors also arrived on schedule. Both also cleaned up after themselves at the end of every day.

I highly recommend Hatchett Contractors, Inc. to all homeowners looking for QUALITY! HCI is not cheap. You get what you pay for and you can be rest assured you will get the quality you are looking for. For your information, I know QUALITY when I see it. Before I retained Hatchett, I was in upper management responsible for quality (ISO) for a major marine propulsion manufacturer.

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R. Burroughs - Whole Home Remodel Project

We are writing this letter to highly recommend Hatchett Contractors, Inc. whom we recently hired to do a major home renovation project. This project included the remodeling of the kitchen, three bathrooms, and the removal of a wall between the living room and den, which turned that space into a new open floor plan.

What makes Hatchett Contractors a special company to work with starts with the owner, Ronald Hatchett and his attention to detail. Ron assisted us as we went through a myriad of details from tile and cabinet selection to smaller details such as kitchen and bathroom fixtures. We were further impressed with how the members of the work crew went out of their way to create as small an impact on us as possible as work proceeded around the house.

While the work progressed, there were multiple previously unknown construction problems discovered ranging from errors in the initial home construction to issues created by previous home contractors. Each problem was not glossed over, but rather was quickly brought to our attention and a plan put in place to resolve the problem. We would never have known about these problems had it not been for the work crew and their efforts to do their job in a highly expert and professional manner.

We had many questions during the work and our questions were all answered every time. We became of the opinion that the work being done was done in such a manner as it would have been had it been their own home. Ultimately the work was completed as planned and we are extremely pleased with our “new” home. We highly recommend Hatchett Contractors Inc. to anyone looking to improve the quality and beauty of their home.

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S. O'Donnell - Multiple Home Improvement Projects

My mother lives in a beautiful house with many of the modern conveniences but as her abilities changed, we realized she needed to have her master bathroom remodeled. Because her home has many special style features, I was concerned about ensuring that the end results of the remodeled bath would look natural and blend with the rest of her home. The project would involve removing walls and the current shower, relocating the toilet, building knee walls, and creating a beautiful walk-in tiled shower. During our initial meeting with Ron Hatchett, I became comfortable that he understood my concerns and that he had the ability to properly address them. He noticed more of the special nuances of my mother’s home that I never even noticed. His eye for detail never seems to rest.

In about a week, Ron was back with plans, sketches, and the projected cost. He knew almost precisely the length of time required for each stage of the project, therefore enabling him to quote solid labor costs. In determining the projected material costs, he took into consideration the quality of material that would match the rest of my mother’s home … not too basic and not too extravagant. With respect to my concern about how to ensure the interior walls of the newly remodeled bathroom blended with the motif of her bedroom and the general style throughout her home, Ron provided for a special painter that is a magician with wall coverings.

This gentleman came up with great ideas and then created textured samples to find the perfect fit.

One week later came the pre-construction conference during which we met the individuals in charge of each phase of the project. Also, Ron presented a CAD picture of how our newly remodeled bath would look. What a great tool! With little further ado, the project began. The utmost respect was given to my Mom and her privacy, as well as to the preservation and protection of her the rest of her home and yard throughout the course of the project. All of Ron’s very talented and skilled team were professional and courteous. At the end of each day, the job site was as clean and tidy as one could ever hope. Ron remained fully engaged
throughout the project and was proactive in keeping me informed. His standards are high and his attention to details was consistent … and very much appreciated.

Furthermore, no surprises. Ron executed the plan that we agreed upon within the time frame we had agreed upon, with no additional cost- fantastic!

My mother cannot be happier with her new, beautiful, spa-like master bath … nor can I.

Thank you so much!

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D. Okerblom - Multiple Home Improvement Projects

To Whom It May Concern;

We have known Ron Hatchett for several years, so it was only natural we thought of him when we decided to replace and expand our existing deck. We also had Ron replace the vinyl siding, fireplace housing, and demolish an older upper deck on our home.

From the moment we sat down with our ideas and plans, Ron continually displayed a professional manner and a high degree of integrity. He and his crew worked efficiently and with precision. We always knew what was scheduled for each day. Ron is a perfectionist, so we were always assured the job would be done right the first time.

We were extremely pleased with his work and craftsmanship accomplished on the interior and exterior of our home. In addition, our renovations were completed on schedule without any significant delays. As the approving authority for all construction on this jobsite, Ron Hatchett ensured all work met or exceeded all city structural compliance codes.

We highly recommend Hatchett Contractors for any general contracting work you are considering having done. You will not be disappointed.


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O. Carneal - Kitchen Remodel

Mr. Ron Hatchett accomplished a kitchen and dining room remodel in our house during October and November 2012. The scope of the kitchen remodel included demolition, plumbing, mechanical work, electrical work, structural work, drywall, finishing and painting, trim work, casework, flooring, tile work, and appliance installation. In essence, the new kitchen remodel was a total “gut job” of thee existing kitchen. The scope of the dining room remodel included demolition, electrical work, drywall, finishing and painting, trim work, and flooring.

During the performance of the work, there was only one change order – to relocate some hidden refrigerant lines in a wall being demolished and to relocate and upgrade some electrical features (at owner’s request) that were not part of the original scope. Including the change order, Ron and his subcontractors completed all the contracted work two weeks earlier than scheduled (six weeks instead of eight). This allowed us to have Thanksgiving dinner in our new kitchen.

Each work day, Ron and his crew came to the house on time and, for the most part, his subcontractors arrived when scheduled. At the end of each work day, either Ron or one of his crew would go over the next day’s schedule with us, what was to be accomplished, and reviewed the progress of the overall schedule. His crew performed daily clean-up at the end of each work session. During demolition (one week duration), we were able to enjoy and watch TV in the adjacent family room because he had installed dust walls for us.

Even though we designed the new kitchen layout before hiring Ron, he worked with us to refine the design as the work progressed, and even drove down to Chesapeake to go over the final cabinet and appliance design with our supplier. He even came up with some elegant/efficient solutions to some design problems when they emerged. I am an architect, and I appreciated his keen eye regarding fine finishing an detail work.

His crew and the subcontractors he used in our home were very trustworthy. We had no problems staying at our own jobs throughout the day – he kept our house safe and secure as the work progressed. Our dog even appreciated being able to go out into the yard when needed, or being let back in the house – even when a worker had to drop what he was doing to let her in.

We highly recommend Ron, his company, and his subcontractors to any homeowner looking for quality work, both in fit and in finish. His work my not be the least expensive around, but it is definitely of the highest quality of all the contractors we have worked with in the last 14 years in the Tidewater area.


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B. Moulden - In-Law Suite Build

From December 2013 to February 2014, our family suffered two devastating and unexpected losses of my sister at 58 years old and my father at 86 years old. During the subsequent following few months, our family had to piece together our lives and make some very important decisions regarding the home my father and mother shared, which was going to be too much and too big for my mother to care for.

Most people I know have this same concern about what to do to help care for a widowed parent. My husband and I made the decision to sell our home and buy my parent’s home.

Since my mother’s wish was to remain independent, she really became interested in the plan to build her an addition to the existing home. This plan sounds all so easy, but believe me, it was not.

We did not know where to start, but thought that selling our home was a good place. With the help of a dear friend, who is also a realtor, we began the daunting task of getting our home ready to sell and putting it on the market. Simultaneously, we needed help with a plan for the addition. We called an architect that was referred to us by a friend and with the plans that were produced, we found the design, while beautiful- were just not what we were expecting.

I looked on the internet and found Hatchett Contractors. I remember calling Ron the first time and somehow told him our family story and what we were looking for. Ron scheduled an appointment to come out to my mother’s home at a time convenient for us. The first time we met Ron, he had a great vision that made total sense to what our needs were. It was amazing to see him think through the process, of course we had no idea what that process was, but we immediately trusted Ron.

Throughout the process of designing the plan for my mother’s apartment addition, Ron understood the importance of why we had to make this project more than “just an in-law suite”  but we had to make this a home for my mother who had never, ever lived alone without my father for almost 60 years.

Ron was always here. He introduced us to his son, Adam. Adam was always here. Ron and Adam became a part of our family because I knew how much they cared about making this “job” a home for my mother.

When it comes down to it, a budget is a budget and Ron is very cautious to make sure we understood the difference in costs if we ever wanted to make any changes. He was very open to changes and we ended up making a few upgrades and changes to our existing contract, but Ron never made us feel as though we had no voice or choice.

I loved the day that my mother and I met Ron to pick out the cabinets, the flooring, the tile and all the accessories. We came into the process with some vague ideas of what we wanted, but Ron pulled it all together. His design choices were phenomenal. I will admit, I questioned a few things, but ultimately he was right and the design and consistency of the colors, the textures and the costs were by far better than anything we could have chosen by ourselves.

Adam is an amazing worker, his work ethic standard is high and he has a wonderful talent and ability to build anything. His father has taught him well. Because they both have a strong desire to want to please their clients while remaining professional, kind, caring and dedicated. Even during the worst snow storms of any winter I can ever remember, Adam and Ron never didn’t show up.

The process from our selling our home, meeting with Ron and ultimately finishing the new home that my mother is absolutely in love with, was approximately one year. The last time I saw Ron backing out of my driveway, I felt sad that he was not going to be around anymore but wait, there is always more remodeling to do! Ron, we will absolutely see you again !


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J. Kepka - Screened-In Porch Build

This letter is in reference to contracted work performed at our house in March-April 2011 by Mr. Ron Hatchett. We located Ron on a local search website for contractors and we were blessed to have met him. My wife and I were considering several home improvements projects and after meeting with Ron, decided upon building a screened in porch on the back of our house. From the first moment we met with Ron, we felt very comfortable with him. Ron is a very straight forward and honest business man. his construction skills mixed with vast knowledge of design quickly drew us in. He is a contractor who listens; several times during the project I had different ideas which he seamlessly incorporated.

Ron Hatchett was on our project and ensured every detail was what we agreed upon. The cost of the project was very reasonable and well below other quotes we received. This reasonable price did NOT come with added costs, as Ron used only the highest quality materials. His skill and knowledge of both design and construction produced and end product above our expectations.

I would not hesitate to hire Ron Hatchett again. He is very human, considerate, and most importantly trustworthy. Most of the work was performed with just my wife and 3 year old son at home. I would not trust just anybody to have open access to my house and family. In fact our 3 year old son was taken with Ron and affectionately referred to him as McRonald as he walked around the house emulating him with his plastic tools.

Simply put, Ron Hatchett is a very skilled artisan and seasoned contractor. Not only is he a Great worker, the relationship he builds with you proves he is also a Great man. My family holds Ron Hatchett in highest regards and will definitely be calling him for future projects.

Sincere Regards,

J. Kepka – Newport News, VA  |  Kepka Screened-In Porch Photo Gallery

J. Levin - Screen Porch & Deck Addition

We have had the pleasure of working with Ron Hatchett on our recent screen porch/deck addition. We worked with Ron from the initial planning and design sessions through the project’s completion. Ron is a true professional! You can tell he is not only skilled and very proficient in his work, but also truly cares about the customer and the work that he is doing.

Ron was very honest and direct in the budget and planning meetings for our project. He went out of his way to give us the price and budget and logistical considerations for the multiple options we could choose from. If he did not know the answer to a question, he would quickly find out the answer and promptly respond to us. We never had a hard time getting touch with Ron or getting our questions answered. Communication was very smooth throughout our time working with Ron.

Ron completed the job on time and within budget. Ron cares more than the average contractor or construction professional about getting the job done right. His attention to detail is outstanding, from planning to completion. Our area was hit by an earthquake and hurricane during the construction of our project and the porch/deck weathered the storms without any problems.

Ron had a vision for all the details and touches that would make our patio/deck look like it had always been part of our home. I could not imagine how many of these details would really matter, but we trusted Ron and his experience to deliver on the vision. Now, we could not be happier with the finished product, and I could not imagine it without all the details and fine touches he recommended. We receive so many compliments about the high quality of work and just how beautiful the finished product looks.

I will definitely use Ron and his team for my future home projects. I would enthusiastically recommend him for any of your construction needs. I trust Ron as an individual and as a professional. He is so easy to work with and I know Ron will get the job done right!


J. Levin – York County, VA  |  J Levin Porch & Deck Build Photo Gallery