Carneal Kitchen Remodel

Jim Gervais

Project Details

Mr. Ron Hatchett accomplished a kitchen and dining room remodel in our house during October and November 2012. The scope of the kitchen remodel included demolition, plumbing, mechanical work, electrical work, structural work, drywall, finishing and painting, trim work, casework, flooring, tile work, and appliance installation. In essence, the new kitchen remodel was a total “gut job” of thee existing kitchen. The scope of the dining room remodel included demolition, electrical work, drywall, finishing and painting, trim work, and flooring.

During the performance of the work, there was only one change order – to relocate some hidden refrigerant lines in a wall being demolished and to relocate and upgrade some electrical features (at owner’s request) that were not part of the original scope. Including the change order, Ron and his subcontractors completed all the contracted work two weeks earlier than scheduled (six weeks instead of eight). This allowed us to have Thanksgiving dinner in our new kitchen.

Each work day, Ron and his crew came to the house on time and, for the most part, his subcontractors arrived when scheduled. At the end of each work day, either Ron or one of his crew would go over the next day’s schedule with us, what was to be accomplished, and reviewed the progress of the overall schedule. His crew performed daily clean-up at the end of each work session. During demolition (one week duration), we were able to enjoy and watch TV in the adjacent family room because he had installed dust walls for us.

Even though we designed the new kitchen layout before hiring Ron, he worked with us to refine the design as the work progressed, and even drove down to Chesapeake to go over the final cabinet and appliance design with our supplier. He even came up with some elegant/efficient solutions to some design problems when they emerged. I am an architect, and I appreciated his keen eye regarding fine finishing an detail work.

His crew and the subcontractors he used in our home were very trustworthy. We had no problems staying at our own jobs throughout the day – he kept our house safe and secure as the work progressed. Our dog even appreciated being able to go out into the yard when needed, or being let back in the house – even when a worker had to drop what he was doing to let her in.

We highly recommend Ron, his company, and his subcontractors to any homeowner looking for quality work, both in fit and in finish. His work my not be the least expensive around, but it is definitely of the highest quality of all the contractors we have worked with in the last 14 years in the Tidewater area.


O. and S. Carneal

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