O’Donnell Bathroom Remodel

Jim Gervais

Project Details

My mother lives in a beautiful house with many of the modern conveniences but as her abilities changed, we realized she needed to have her master bathroom remodeled. Because her home has many special style features, I was concerned about ensuring that the end results of the remodeled bath would look natural and blend with the rest of her home. The project would involve removing walls and the current shower, relocating the toilet, building knee walls, and creating a beautiful walk-in tiled shower. During our initial meeting with Ron Hatchett, I became comfortable that he understood my concerns and that he had the ability to properly address them. He noticed more of the special nuances of my mother’s home that I never even noticed. His eye for detail never seems to rest.

In about a week, Ron was back with plans, sketches, and the projected cost. He knew almost precisely the length of time required for each stage of the project, therefore enabling him to quote solid labor costs. In determining the projected material costs, he took into consideration the quality of material that would match the rest of my mother’s home … not too basic and not too extravagant. With respect to my concern about how to ensure the interior walls of the newly remodeled bathroom blended with the motif of her bedroom and the general style throughout her home, Ron provided for a special painter that is a magician with wall coverings.
This gentleman came up with great ideas and then created textured samples to find the perfect fit.

One week later came the pre-construction conference during which we met the individuals in charge of each phase of the project. Also, Ron presented a CAD picture of how our newly remodeled bath would look. What a great tool! With little further ado, the project began. The utmost respect was given to my Mom and her privacy, as well as to the preservation and protection of her the rest of her home and yard throughout the course of the project. All of Ron’s very talented and skilled team were professional and courteous. At the end of each day, the job site was as clean and tidy as one could ever hope. Ron remained fully engaged
throughout the project and was proactive in keeping me informed. His standards are high and his attention to details was consistent… and very much appreciated.

Furthermore, no surprises. Ron executed the plan that we agreed upon within the time-frame we had agreed upon, with no additional cost – fantastic!

My mother cannot be happier with her new, beautiful, spa-like master bath … nor can I.

Thank you so much

Salli O’Donnell