Customize Your Deck With Accessories

Ron Hatchett

Develop a Theme for Your Outdoor Deck

There are options galore for accessorizing your outdoor deck! From furniture to plants to lighting, creating any theme you desire should be exciting. Probably the best way to approach your decorating will be to determine the main function for your deck. Since you may have completed your pre-planning and even the construction of your new deck, you probably have decided the main function already. Let’s examine some ideas for customizing your deck and accessorizing it for maximum functionality and enjoyment.

Living Room or Family Room Retreat

Depending on the size of your deck, you will want to select furniture that compliments and doesn’t overwhelm your space. If you have planned your deck as an extension of your living room or family room, it may be enclosed. With an enclosed deck, you’ll have a few more options for furniture since weather concerns shouldn’t be a problem. A nice loveseat with comfy cushions or a chaise lounge chair with pillows would be perfect for snuggling up with a good book and your favorite beverage. Choose lighting that will give you the brightness you need for your chosen activities but can be dimmed for a more relaxed or romantic atmosphere. Plants are always a welcome addition to any room and since you may have some small tables, you could have a few potted plants in decorative containers. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to include those personal touches that make it you!

Party Deck Beach Theme

Do you love to entertain or have your friends and family over frequently? Decorate your new deck so you’re always ready to party! A Tiki Bar set-up in one corner of your deck with a grouping of tables and bar stools would be perfect to re-create an island get away! Some tall plants and groupings of lush foliage will create an atmosphere of walking through the tropics. Don’t forget hanging lanterns and even colored string lights to give your deck that party glow. Set up another area opposite the bar for some wicker furniture with comfortable cushions to allow your guests a place for conversation and relaxing. If you have built your deck around a swimming pool, this would be an ideal theme to provide a get away without leaving the comfort of home.

Barbecue and Fire Pit Ideas

Are you the grill master of your family? Your new deck is the perfect place to get that barbecue grill of your dreams! Get your cooking area set up with the proper tools and equipment so you’re ready at a moment’s notice to host a barbecue or just wow your family with your grilling skills. Picnic tables and benches or a nice table and chairs will provide adequate seating where you can serve your specialties. You may choose to have some type of cover over your dining area like a big umbrella or canopy. Don’t forget to add some planter boxes or even hanging planters if you have added an enclosure to your deck. Soft lighting with candles will provide a welcoming atmosphere to your dining experience.

A fire pit for your deck can be a built-in structure or stand-alone unit.  Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy many relaxing moments gazing up at the stars on a nice clear night. A group of chairs and a few small tables will provide a comfortable setting around the fire.

Sunroom or Greenhouse Ideas

An outdoor deck, whether enclosed or open, can be a gardener’s delight! Fill your deck with plants of all shapes and sizes! Here you could go for a theme of plants like tropical to include fruits, exotic varieties, and trees or just everyday varieties you love. You could provide a work area with a potter’s bench and all the supplies you need to tend to your plants. Place a few comfortable chairs or chaise lounges around your deck and some stools to put your feet up. This makes another ideal spot for relaxing with a good book or having a casual get together with friends.

Finishing Touches

No matter what theme you choose for your decorating and accessories, make sure to personalize your space with some of your favorite things. Books, pictures, and collectables can add that personal flair that makes it “You”. A deck can be enjoyed year-round and provide a wonderful space for entertaining family and friends. Your deck can also be your own personal oasis providing a place for many hours of relaxation. From sofas and chairs, benches and planters, to all the variety of lighting options, you can customize your deck to reflect your personal theme.

Hatchett Contractors is prepared to help you with your finishing touches to your new deck including any outdoor lighting, custom benches, or heating. You can always depend on our friendly, courteous staff to assist you with any stage from planning to completion. We take pride in providing you, our customer, with the very best craftsmanship in the industry.