bathroom flooring, lighting and vanity ideas

Best Bathroom Remodel Features & Ideas

Ron Hatchett

Three New Bathroom Remodel Features & Ideas

When considering a bathroom remodel, you will want to give this some thought and planning. This is the room in your home that you use each and every day to look your best. Your bathroom, especially your personal bathroom, you  want it to reflect your personal style and still be user friendly. Whether you are getting ready to go to work or soak in your bathtub after a difficult day, creating a bathroom that gives you the look and relaxing atmosphere  should be your ultimate goal. Look at your current bathroom and think about the features you like or don’t like when remodeling your new bathroom.

We would like to share a few trends and unique ideas that have the potential to really create an inviting bathroom space for you in your home. These ideas will take your bathroom remodel to the next level, leaving you with a bathroom you look forward to spending an hour or so on a regular basis!

Light Your Bathroom Right – Bring Focus Where You Need It

Lighting can be challenging for any room in your home. The right bathroom lighting is essential! The proper amount of lighting in your bathroom is just as important to consider as the bathroom fixtures you choose.

Most bathroom lighting is a ceiling fixture that cast light throughout the room. When it comes time to use the mirror at your vanity, light emanating from the ceiling can often cast shadows. That’s where you may want to consider the difference between up lighting and low lighting. Make sure that you have lighting placed near or around the mirror to ensure that the light on your face is even and bright. This can be done with pendant lighting or wall sconces, for example.

Bathroom lighting can also be your opportunity to go bold! Don’t be afraid to experiment with various lighting fixtures! You can always choose to go for classic bathroom lighting, but you may want to try something a little different. If you want to take your bathroom from blah to stunning, you may want to consider trying chandeliers or decorative wall sconces. Some other ideas are perimeter and maybe even recessed lighting! Lighting variations may be exactly what your new bathroom needs! It really can add a pop of character to a bathroom that oftentimes can make it go from quite ordinary to brilliant!


Choose Your Flooring Carefully – Turn Your Attention Downward

Now that we’ve discussed your various lighting choices, let’s take a look down and think about your flooring options for your new bathroom remodel. Bathroom flooring can also be a well of untapped potential in many bathroom remodels. You have plenty of choices when it comes to flooring options. An increasingly popular choice is porcelain. So let’s talk about some other features you may wish to add to your flooring.

The first one is heating the floor beneath your feet. We’ve all been there: stepping out of a warm shower on a cold bathroom floor. It doesn’t have to be something you deal with anymore! Installing radiant heat to the bathroom flooring can make your bathroom that much more enjoyable while adding more value to your home as well.

Another growing trend is the concept of seamless flooring that allows for a curb-less walk in shower. Not only does this add easy accessibility to your bathroom, but it also adds a certain look of sophistication that many seek in a new bathroom remodel these days. Seamless flooring that melds right into the tile of your bathroom is a great new look many people are opting for these days.

Personalize Your New Vanity – Don’t Waste Any Space


We get it: you spend a lot of time in front of your vanity getting ready each day. We all do. It’s an essential piece to your entire bathroom setup. It’s where the finishing touches get put on; it’s where your nightly routine takes place. Because of this, it’s important to take into consideration your new vanity. Bathroom remodeling is all about taking what you had before and learning from the frustrations it left you with and build yourself a better bathroom.

Another bathroom trend that has become quite popular is a floating vanity. A floating vanity is created by wall mounting the vanity with plenty of open space underneath. The concept of a floating vanity is a great one because it allows you to use the space under the vanity. You may wish to have wheelchair access or a place for a step stool for children, which makes it’s versatility endless. You get to choose the height; you get to choose the depth. It can be a win win situation. New vanities can be customized to give you the freedom to choose how much cabinet space (if any) you have below the sink. Some people need a lot, others not so much. Don’t waste your money or space on installing a pre-built vanity, if it’s simply not going to do the job for you.

Another growing trend is for couples to forgo the double sink. His and hers sinks were a popular choice a few years back. Today, many homeowners are seeing the benefit in using a single sink because it allows them to have more counter space. This can be a better choice depending on your needs.

As always with any remodel, consider you needs and functionality and you’ll be reaping the benefits of a bathroom remodel that you will enjoy for years.

avoid mistakes on your kitchen layout

Common Kitchen Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Ron Hatchett

Three Tips to Avoid the most Common Kitchen Layout Mistakes

Kitchen remodeling is a major renovation project. Many homeowners often overlook some basic things that are crucial to ensure their kitchen remodel is done properly the first time around. The last thing anyone wants is to look back on it a few months, weeks, or even days after it’s finished and think, “I really wish we had done this instead.” The goal of a kitchen remodeling project is to get it right the first time around! You don’t want to be thinking about a next time—at least not for years down the road! So, we hope this blog article about your kitchen layout will help you avoid common mistakes that happen.

As we said, there’s a lot that goes into a kitchen remodeling project. We hope that these tips will help you to avoid them altogether so you aren’t left with remodeler’s remorse in any capacity.

Do Not Forget Functionality – Remember Your Workflow and Prioritize It

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, think about what it is currently like to work around your current kitchen space. Maybe your current stove, dishwasher and sink are not close together. You have to carry a pot filled with water from one side of the kitchen over to the other side of the kitchen to reach your stove-top. This could be one example of how you can use your painful kitchen past to create a flawless kitchen future.

Kitchen Work Triangle

Another kitchen layout mistake some homeowners make is forgetting to utilize the kitchen work triangle. This element of kitchen design has been implemented in kitchens for years, and is renowned for its predetermined measurements for proper placement of your kitchen’s major appliances—the stove, the refrigerator, and sink. The work triangle’s purpose is to keep all major workstations within easy reach for the cook , yet provides enough space around other areas of your kitchen for a smooth flow to your kitchen floor plan.

The kitchen work triangle can often be accomplished by installing a kitchen island. This is where many people can go wrong in their haste to get things done. A kitchen island is something that works well when it’s large enough to serve its purpose but also small enough to not take up too much space. Basically, it needs to make sense to separate that counter space from the rest of the kitchen. If it’s too small, you’ll never use it. If it’s too large, you may as well have simply made that your primary source of counter space.

Another key part of kitchen functionality is to avoid overcrowding. Don’t put appliances too close together is a given, but remember that small appliances can eat up a lot of space before you realize it, so keep this in mind.

Do Not Spend Too Much – Remember Your Budget and Stick to It

The all important stage of planning and budgeting should come first for a reason—to help guide you in the choices you make along the way with your kitchen remodel. One piece of advice we are sure you will hear is to plan all of your large purchases first—things like your fridge, your stove, your dishwasher. All of those major appliances you will need, and the other installations, like your counter-tops, kitchen cabinets, and lighting all to be customized to work around those.

However, when purchasing your kitchen appliances, it’s easy to see the most fancy features and be swayed by them—particularly when it’s the first piece you’re spending actual money on. You might see a refrigerator with a television screen in the door and think, “That’s what I’ve always needed in my kitchen,” and be tempted to splurge on it. But is it really what you’ve always needed? The same can be said for the stove top with eight burners or even the oven that has two separate cooking chambers with separate controls for each. Are these features you will actually use, or are these features simply luring you in by their uniqueness? Of course, you want to view your remodel as an upgrade, but keep in mind which upgrades you will actually use and which will simply go to waste.

Do Not Waste Your Space – Remember All the “Stuff” You’ll Have to Have a Place For

This tip all goes back to ensuring that you’re only bringing what is necessary and functional into your kitchen. Don’t waste your counter space by installing an over sized sink—one so large you’ll never fill it. Use your counter space for the coffeemaker you’ll be bringing back in eventually, or the stand mixer you’ve been thinking about getting! They will all need a place to go, so it’s important to remember that during your kitchen remodeling and plan for them even if these items might not be physically present at the time.

This is also where it becomes essential to ensure you have enough space in your kitchen cabinets. A great idea that has become increasingly popular is the use of toe-kick storage. These are thin cabinets that run along the baseboard in your kitchen and can allow for additional cookware storage. It might seem like one of those fancy features we just told you about that you probably don’t need, however it can come in surprisingly handy when you’re looking for a place to put that extra cookie sheet you’ve got lying around or for that extra serving dish that seems to sit out on your counter more often than in a cabinet because you don’t have the room for these items.

But whatever you do please don’t forget that most often the functionality of your kitchen is all about you and therefore you are the one who’s calling the shots. Make your kitchen work for you!